7 Laux ski resort

The 7 Laux ski resort is located in Isère. Particularly popular with students, it is the resort to try if you like powder snow. This resort is the favourite of the Grenoble inhabitants.

The history of the 7 Laux resort

The 7 Laux ski resort was created in 1971. That year, the road was created and 7 ski lifts were installed. But it was not until 1977 that the first tourist beds were created. The first major real estate project was in Prapoutel.

station de ski des 7 laux © office de tourisme 7 LauxDespite the enthusiasm of tourists for skiing, the 7 Laux resort experienced financial difficulties between 1992 and 1996. It is not the only one in Isère to do so. In spite of everything, the resort experienced a revival in 1997. New investments were made and the development of artificial snow guaranteed the winter seasons.

For several years, the resort of Les 7 Laux has been turning towards 4 seasons and the diversification of its activities. Skiing is no longer the only sport favoured by holidaymakers, who also come in summer.

Les 7 Laux: 1 resort, 3 sites

Three sites make up the 7 Laux resort:

  • Prapoutel, located on the western slope. The village is at an altitude of 1,350 metres and has many services. It is the central point of the resort.

  • Pipay, also on the western slope. At 1,550 metres, this site offers a beautiful panorama of the valley. You can enjoy the sunsets from Pipay.

  • Le Peynet is the perfect place to enjoy the sunrise. The site is at 1,450 metres and offers a unique view of the Haut Bréda valley. A natural site par excellence, it is ideal for lovers of wide open spaces.

The 7 Laux ski area

The 7 Laux ski area has 120 kilometres of pistes. It is spread over two slopes and rises to an altitude of 2,400 metres. The 7 Laux resort is made up of three sites with 51 ski runs:

  • 11 green
  • 14 blue
  • 19 red
  • 7 black
  • 7 black freeski

The ski area also includes a snowpark and play areas. If you are used to skiing with your family, we recommend the squirrel route. You will have to find Tiki’s nuts, while avoiding obstacles and using your head.

Extra info: cross-country skiing enthusiasts can take advantage of the two skiing areas in Prapoutel and Le Pleynet. In total, the resort offers 19.5 km of cross-country trails.

plan des pistes 7 laux

Les 7 Laux – Office de tourisme

Accommodation in Les 7 Laux

Depending on your budget, we have selected for you several accommodations in Les 7 Laux. They have received very good reviews from customers.

Le Mazot des 7 Laux

le mazot des 7 laux

Le Mazot des 7 Laux is a 68 m² flat located in Prapoutel. It offers beautiful mountain views and direct access to the ski slopes. Ski equipment rental is available on site. You can also enjoy the wellness area and the swimming pools.

From € 231 per night.

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Le Massif de Belledonne

chambre le massif de belledonne

Le Massif de Belledonne is located in Prapoutel. You can put on your skis straight from the hotel. The larger flats have a kitchenette.

From 101€ per night.

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Les Ramayes

les ramayes les 7 laux

Les Ramayes is a holiday village located in Prapoutel. The nearest ski lifts are 350 metres away, as well as the swimming pool. There is a sauna and a whirlpool at the resort.

From 106€ per night.

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Winter sports

In Les 7 Laux, it is not only possible to ski, whether alpine or cross-country. Other activities are easily accessible. They will delight young and old alike.

The Snakegliss


If you like to go sledding with your family or friends, the snakegliss is for you. The principle is simple. Small sleds are attached to each other to form a snake and slide down the slopes. The descent is made in the company of a guide.

Extra info: the first seats are the ones that move the least. The further back you are, the more likely you are to be subjected to the speed and turns.

The groomer ride

dameuse nuit

Who hasn’t dreamed of a ride in a snow groomer? As children, we were the first to look out of the window for these big machines. Know that in Les 7 Laux, you can realize this magic experience. During the school holidays, you can live the life of a groomer for an evening.

Extra info: the activity starts from Prapoutel or Le Pleynet.

The resort’s athletes

The resort of Les 7 Laux has several high level athletes, some of whom are now retired. We invite you to discover three women who have left their mark on their sport and their generation.

Anaïs Chevalier-Bouchet

Anaïs Chevalier-Bouchet is a biathlete of the French team. The Frenchwoman has several podium finishes to her credit, including four world medals. She obtained two second places and a third place at the Olympic Games.

Marie Dorin-Habert

Marie Dorin-Habert is a former member of the French biathlon team. During her career, the Frenchwoman won a series of podiums. She won a gold medal at the Olympic Games and five at the World Championships. She also won seven World Cup races. Marie Dorin-Habert is one of those athletes who have marked a generation. After retiring from sport in 2018, she became a television consultant.

Sophie Rodriguez

Sophie Rodriguez is a former snowboarder of the French team. Although she started out on skis, the Frenchwoman quickly switched to snow. She made her first international competition in 2003, at the World Cup stage in Serre Chevalier. In 2013, she finished third in the World Championships. Today, Sophie Rodriguez works in the field of photojournalism.

La Belle Étoile, a key event in Les 7 Laux

la belle étoile 7 laux

The Belle Étoile is an unmissable ski mountaineering competition in Les 7 Laux. More than 400 racers meet every year and try to climb the three most mythical summits of the Belledonne massif.

3 routes are proposed to the runners. The difference is the difference in altitude. It can be 2,300 metres, 1,900 metres or 1,100 metres. Note that the Belle Étoile is done in two stages.

Ski passes

Les 7 Laux ski passes are suitable for all profiles. For skiers visiting the resort for the day, you can opt for a 4-hour consecutive, 2-hour consecutive or full-day pass. Lower prices are also available during the week, from Monday to Friday. However, these discounts are not valid during school holidays. At the same time, it is possible to take advantage of a beginner’s or ski touring pass.

Snowshoeing routes

Three snowshoe itineraries can be done in Les 7 Laux. They are marked out and secure and leave from the three sites of the resort:

  • The Prapoutel – Pipay link
  • The Crêt du Bœuf, from Le Pleney
  • The loop starting from the cross-country skiing centre in Prapoutel

raquettes 7 lauxSnowshoeing is a family activity. But to practice it properly, you need to be well equipped. So don’t forget to wear warm clothes and carry sticks. They can be a great help and will prevent you from getting tired too quickly.

Don’t hesitate to have a professional accompany you. This is a good opportunity to learn more about the local fauna, but also the history of the resort.

Ideas for summer activities

coucher de soleil vttLes 7 Laux is not just about winter. The resort offers many activities during the summer season. You can, for example, try your hand at electric mountain biking. If several routes are available, we recommend that you try the night ride.

You will have the chance to watch the sunset. And for the more sporty, the activity can also be done with classic mountain bikes.

balade cheval 7 lauxAnother option is a horseback ride. You will ride through the forests and discover a new point of view on the mountains and landscapes of Belledonne. From one day to several days,horse riding is an activity that can easily be done with the family.

It is also a great alternative to the classic hike, which will allow you to get to know the horses better.

Access and public transport

The 7 Laux resort is located 35 kilometres from Grenoble. The different sites are directly accessible by car. But there are also other options available to you. For example, public transport. You can easily find buses linking Chambéry or Grenoble to 7 Laux.

Extra info: there is a pass combining the bus journey and the ski pass, for an “all inclusive” day.

Video presentation of Les 7 Laux

Resorts near Les 7 Laux

The nearest major resorts in Isère to Les 7 Laux are Les Deux Alpes and Alpe d’Huez. From Annecy, it is easy to get there for a weekend, or even for a longer stay.