The Lake of Annecy

The Lake of Annecy situated in Haute Savoie ,  is one of the purest in Europe, as is the Lake of Geneva. It measures 14.6 km and a width of 800 to 3 300 meters, making it the second lake in France after the Lake du Bourget. It consists of two distinct basins, the « Grand » and the « Petit Lac » separated by the  « Roc de Chere » and the castle of Duing.

From a maximum depth of 82 meters by 41.5 meters on average and at an altitude of 466 meters, the Lake of Annecy is powered by Bourbioz (underground springs), the Bornette, the Laudon, the Biolon and the Ire and the Eau Morte. According to a legend, following the melting of ice,  they have engulfed a village in the 15th !

Formed more than 18,000 years ago, the lake was born thanks to the mountains surrounding it and the sources cited above due to the melting of large glaciers in the Alps.

It is also the source of the river Thiou, which forms the heart of the old city (behind the City Council) where we actually find the « Libellule », the « Cigne », the  » Savoie » and other famous red and white boats circulating all year on the lake for the pleasure of everybody.

The lake is one of the major advantages of tourism for the city. It offers many activities : swimming, boating, windsurfing, diving … It includes in particular the exceptional « Fête du Lac », given annually by the city of Annecy.

Pictures of the Lake of Annecy

Panoramic picture of the lake taken between Pâquier and the Imperial Palace.
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Image source : Wikipedia
Lake 9

Photo taken from the beach Albigny to Annecy with views of Mount Veyrier, the Tournette and Veyrier-du-Lac :
Lake 6

Picture taken from the Albigny beach
Lake 5

The end of the lake taken at the exit of Angon and Talloires towards Doussard, it is called « Le Petit Lac ».
Lac 1

The lake, this time, on the pebbled beach Duingt a few hundred yards from the castle of Duing (the boundary between the two sides of the lake)

Lake 2

Picture from the town of St. Eustache on the heights of Saint Jorioz

Lake 4

The lake in winter :
lake 8

In winter with the view of “Les dents de Lanfon”
Lake 7

Also in winter with the view of “Tournette”
Lake 3

The last 4 photos on this page are taken by the photographer Jean-Michel Morrand, published with his permission and taken from his website :